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List of Committees


EXPO Committee (open committee) – (Second Monday PM – 3 PM)

博览会商业机会市场是德克萨斯州最大的少数民族商业贸易博览会和商业联系活动. This committee assists in the planning and the implementation of EXPO and all of its related events.

  • Awards
  • Booth Sales (General Exhibitors & Primes)
  • Marketing & Resolutions
  • One-to-One Sessions
  • Reception
  • Registration/Information
  • Sponsorships
  • Spot Bid Fair
  • Volunteers/正规现金赌场网页 Booth
Scholarship Fundraiser Committee (open committee) – (Second Friday AM – 12 NOON)

Net proceeds from the scholarship fundraiser are awarded to MBEs through MBE Business Executive Scholarship awards. In order to raise the funds, 该委员会计划并举办年度筹款活动,以最大限度地扩大联系,并建立一个基金,支持正规现金赌场网页的发展倡议和外部批准的规划mbe可以利用来发展他们的业务.
  • Donations/ Sponsorships
  • Marketing
  • Silent Auction
  • Foursome Sales
  • Volunteers
Marketplace Committee (open committee) – (Second Thursday PM – 4 PM)

Acts as the bridge between minority business enterprises (MBEs) and Corporate Members; facilitates the process of strategic and intentional matching between MBEs and Corporate Members; and aims to increase MBE‐to‐MBE and Corporate‐to‐MBE commerce.
  • Forums – Invites and coordinates guest speakers who are key decision makers and/or subject matter experts to provide industry awareness and possible improvements in the area of supplier diversity; and/or provide specific subject matter expertise on issues impacting MBEs.
  • 利益相关者参与-利益相关者参与小组委员会将本组织有新闻价值的活动和即将发生的事件的价值告知政府部门和公众. This could include success stories, member highlights, newsworthy accomplishments, upcoming activities, and event recaps. The subcommittee reviews award criteria; solicits award nominations; ensures a standardized judging process; evaluates nominees for each award; and selects award winners.
  • 供应商桥梁-供应商桥梁小组委员会的目的是让企业和企业成员有机会建立更好的关系, 解决阻碍MBE对公司业务活动的挑战,增加对彼此观点的理解. 这些会议旨在探讨MBE和正规现金赌场网页的企业成员如何消除阻碍MBE增长和利用的障碍,并讨论有意义的解决方案,供市场委员会考虑.
Committee Leadership (Committee Chairs Only) – (Fourth Friday AM – 10 AM)

SDAC – Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee (corporate only) – (Second Wednesday PM – 4 PM)

Maintains a pulse on the needs of Corporate Members and acts as the voice of the Members to the Council; assists in promoting best practices for growing and developing supplier diversity programs; as well as the strategic recruitment and retention of prime suppliers to drive second‐tier engagement.
  • 持续改进-持续改进小组委员会旨在协助向人力资源及科技发展局的企业成员推广最佳做法,以促进供应商多元化、企业和政府实体项目的增长和发展. The Continuous Improvement Subcommittee coordinates Supplier Idol judges; and Supplier Diversity Program best Practice sharing. This subcommittee also assists in organizing the SDAC annual retreat.
  • Corporate Ambassador – New corporate members to 正规现金赌场网页 need a liaison to help them acclimate to 正规现金赌场网页’s culture, programs and events. Corporate Ambassadors are committed to helping their peers succeed and become active contributing members of 正规现金赌场网页. 企业大使强调正规现金赌场网页成员的好处,并为新成员在其项目和供应基地的发展提供指导和支持
  • Prime Engagement – The Prime Engagement Subcommittee works to increase exposure of Prime Contractors to the MBEs of 正规现金赌场网页. 小组委员会开发工具,协助公司吸引主承建商参与人力资源及服务中心的活动,并成为人力资源及服务中心的企业成员. It also facilitates engaging primes as exhibitors at EXPO and other 正规现金赌场网页 marketplace events. It promotes the sharing information, contract language and other tools to drive second-tier accountability.
MBEIC – Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBE only) – (Second Tuesday PM – 4 PM)

Maintains a pulse on the needs of minority business enterprises (MBEs) and acts as the voice of MBEs to the Council; focuses on the development and growth of MBEs; as well as the strategic recruitment and retention of qualifying MBEs. Subcommittees:
  • MBE大使——MBE大使致力于帮助他们的同事取得成功,并积极参与正规现金赌场网页. MBE Ambassadors highlight the benefits of certification and committee participation. MBE大使分享关于正规现金赌场网页项目的信息,以及如何有效利用理事会的发展和商业机会. 大使们有机会代表正规现金赌场网页,体现理事会的核心价值观和文化.
  • 行业组织-特定行业的mbe每两个月举行一次会议,以建立团队关系,了解特定市场并分享已证实的业务增长策略.
  • 立法-立法小组委员会向公共政策领导人和当选/任命的官员提供有关少数民族企业问题和项目的资源和信息,以支持能力建设,并有意义地、可持续地将MBEs纳入合同和其他采购机会.
Certification Committee (闭门)-该委员会是否负责审核所有少数民族企业(MBE)的认证申请. 该委员会的成员必须得到董事会的批准,并负责根据少数民族供应商开发委员会(NMSDC)概述的标准,就每一项新的认证申请向董事会提出建议,以批准或拒绝认证。.